What to do after a car accident

Of course it’s never a good thing, being involved in a car accident, but in the even that you do, there’s no need to worry, as Vantage Auto Services are here to help. We have the skills to help you and whatever you may need to do after the accident. Accidents tend to happen every day across UK roads, so you aren’t the first or last to have a car crash. The most important thing to think about is yours and should there be any other passengers, their health, wellbeing and safety. Also, the health and wellbeing of all passengers in both vehicles. So, take a look at our tips on what to do straight after a collision including sorting out insurance and what to next without causing yourself too much hassle.

Too often enough car accidents happen and in the heat of the moment you can forget to provide and ask for the necessary important information from the other driver. Should these events occur, we have some helpful tips to make sure you have all the required details from everyone involved.  Should the accident be your fault or another drivers fault, the information you acquire is key to ensuring the afterward process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Keep your cool

Unfortunately, you’ve had a bump or accident with another car, the next thing to do is take a deep breath and try not to panic. Both yourself and the other driver are bound to be shook up, try not to approach the other driver when you’re flustered as this could make the situation worse. Next, call 999 or 101 and explain what has happened, check to see if anyone is injured or hurt and if so the ambulance will then need to be called.

In the past, Vantage Auto Services have heard of various stories where an occupant of a accident has reacted badly and then the insurance and communication process afterwards has become really difficult. Try to approach them in a cool, calm and collected manner and you’ll not only put yourself at ease, but them as well, remember it was an accident after all.

Make sure you turn on your hazard lights, this will show other drivers that your car has stopped. If you can, move your car to the side of the road, or out of the way of it becoming an obstruction, this can prevent any further accidents from occurring.

What to do next…

Once you’ve approached the other driver, there’ll be a few details you’ll need to collect from each other. Try to make sure you have a small notepad and pen in your car at all times, or you could use your mobile phone to store the important information. The most essential information you will need to take from them is:

  • Name, address and contact details from both the drivers and passengers. Witnesses contact details will also help
  • The registration number of all cars involved as well as the make, model and colour of the car
  • Date and time of crash
  • A rough sketch to show the positions of the cars when the accident happened
  • A note of the weather condition and anything unusual about the road or lighting
  • A description of the damage caused to vehicles, any injuries from passengers/drivers/pedestrians
  • What Insurance company the drivers use
  • Any further information which you think is necessary in your circumstance

After collecting all the above information, wait for the police or ambulance to arrive and they will take control of things from there. Make sure you let your insurance company know about the crash as soon as you can, as this may affect your current insurance policy. Next, give them all the information you collected from the accident including contact information from everyone involved and details of the cars.

To help with these situations like this in the future, it’s a good idea to purchase or look into getting a Dash Cam.

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