The Importance of MOT Testing

The MOT or Ministry of Transport Tests are a greatly important part of car ownership. An MOT test is there to, in short… save your life, an MOT checks that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy a mechanic will also test your exhaust emissions produced from your vehicle aren’t over excessive and reducing the effect…
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What to do after a car accident

Of course it’s never a good thing, being involved in a car accident, but in the even that you do, there’s no need to worry, as Vantage Auto Services are here to help. We have the skills to help you and whatever you may need to do after the accident. Accidents tend to happen every…
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How to get the most out of your tyres

With a wealth of experience in the motor industry and having worked on many different vehicles at Vantage Auto Services, we’ve extensive knowledge when it comes to cars. Our many years as a car repair centre means we frequently have customers requiring assistance with their tyres, including changes or repairs, so we’ve put together some…
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