Vehicle Repairs & Car Repairs in Newcastle Under Lyme

Professional Car Servicing and Repair Services From Vantage Auto Services

Here at Vantage Tyres we have been dealing in Vehicle Repairs and Car Repairs of all makes and models for many years in the Newcastle Under Lyme area. When it comes to needing a local and reliable garage in Newcastle Under Lyme we are the number one call for many customers due to both our reputation of a no nonsense approach to car repairs but also our high level of customer service, vast knowledge of all makes and models and attention to detail.

All of our mechanics and technicians have all of the relevant qualifications and, more importantly, experience you would see in main dealer workshops. This gives you complete peace of mind that your car, regardless of make or model, will be in safe hands throughout your vehicle repair in Newcastle Under Lyme. Our workshop is fully equipped to take care of any vehicle repair regardless of the complexity, as our computerised diagnostic equipment not only saves you time and money but directs us straight to the problem.

Car and Vehicle Repairs in Newcastle Under Lyme and Stoke


Car Repairs of all Makes and Models

Having been in the industry in Newcastle Under Lyme for so long, we have completed many car repairs on almost every make and model on the road today. From classics and vintages through to luxury or executive motors, our small yet dedicated team of Newcastle Under Lyme-based mechanics and technicians are capable of giving you an honest approach to vehicle repairs. If you car does not need a new exhaust, it will not be given one (unlike the horror stories you hear from some national car repair centres). We offer a complete, no quibble vehicles repair guarantee on all parts used and in over 90% of cases, we use main dealer parts on all car repairs for our customers in Newcastle Under Lyme.


Vehicle Repairs

When it comes to light good vehicles or custom built vehicle repairs, we firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call if you live in Newcastle Under Lyme or the surrounding areas. We have years of experience in providing vehicle repairs of all types including light goods vehicle repairs. Our vehicle repair centre is fully equipped to cater for any mechanical faults or repairs needed on larger vehicles throughout Newcastle Under Lyme.

Why Should I Service My Car?

Undertaking car serving in Newcastle Under Lyme, is important to ensure your vehicle is safe to use and is running smoothly. At Vantage Tyres we believe that servicing your car is essential to ensure it's running and is safe to use all year round. Regular car servicing can help to identify any issue with your vehicle before they turn into expensive car troubles. Cars that also have a full service history are easier to sell and can be more valuable as buyers will be able to see a full history of the vehicle. We believe that car servicing is one of the most import things to undertake as a car driver, bar MOTs. To arrange a service of your vehicle, be sure to get in touch with Vantage Tyres, your local car servicing in Newcastle Under Lyme.

Benefits Of Car Servicing

  • Extended lifespan
  • Better performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Peace of mind knowing your car is safe to use
  • Easier to sell your vehicle

Our Car Repairs & Vehicle Repair Guarantees

As a reputable local garage to the people of Newcastle Under Lyme for a variety of services including car servicing, mots, tyres and general repairs, we pride ourselves on an upfront pricing policy which is guaranteed to be competitively priced. Our attention to detail and refusal to settle for second best has kept us going for so long and has built us the reputation for providing professional, expert and specialist vehicle repairs and car repairs throughout Newcastle Under Lyme, including Hanley, Knutton and Chesterton. You can rest easy with the knowledge that your vehicle will be in safe hands and so will your wallet here at Vantage Tyres.

Car Repair FAQs

When it comes to your car, at Vantage Tyres we have a wealth of experience and are highly skilled in the area. Here are some of the frequent questions we get asked by customers.

Why is my engine light on?

Your engine light is very important when it comes to a properly functioning vehicle, should it come on, this means there could be a potential problem. Usually it refers to the ignition, fuel injection or emission control, even if your vehicle seems fine, this light alerts an issue. It’s important that you take your car to a professional as soon as possible, they will be able to do the necessary checks to get to the root of the problem.

How do I repair my car for winter?

In the winter months, to make sure your car is as safe as possible and to deter any possible repair work you should, check your antifreeze level and condition, the level of your motor oil, your battery, change your wiper blades to a winter version, check the condition and tread of your tyres, check your air conditioning and perform a brake inspection.

Why are my brakes squeaking?

Your vehicle brakes may squeak for a number of reasons but grinding sounds which continue may mean you need new brake pads. Should you ignore this, it’s a potential hazard as loose brakes cause longer stopping distances and difficulties when it comes to emergency stops. Replacing your brake pads is a fairly simple job and at Vantage Tyres we can carry out a brake repair quickly.

Should I prepare my car for a long journey?

If you are planning on going on a long journey in your vehicle, there’s some checks you can carry out to ensure there’s no issues on your journey. You should check that all your lights are working (high and low beam headlights, brake lights, indicators and parking lights), this is especially important if you’re travelling at night. It’s also necessary to inspect your wiper blades and ensure there’s no cracks or tears and to check your coolant and wiper fluid are at the correct level.