New Tyres, Tyre Repairs and Puncture Repair Newcastle Under Lyme

We Supply Clients Throughout Newcastle Under Lyme

Here at Vantage Tyres we have been dealing in car service, MOT and repairs since 1966 for our customers around the Newcastle Under Lyme area. One of our other main key services here at Vantage is in the supply and fit of new tyres, tyre repairs and puncture repair for all tyre sizes on 99.9% of vehicles. Our tyre repair centre is renowned across our region for not only having one of the largest stock piles of new tyres but also delivering fantastic results in tyre repairs and puncture repairs.
New Tyres, Tyre Repairs and Puncture Repair in Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke


New Tyres

If you're based in Newcastle Under Lyme and you are in a position where your car tyre is beginning to show it’s age and your tread is heading towards the legal limit, we should be your first and only port of call. We have a small and dedicated Newcastle Under Lyme-based team who take care of all new tyres for any make and model or tyre size you may require. You can bring your car to us or even just the wheel and we are confident we will have a new tyre size in stock to give you your replacement there and then. Our range of new tyres covers all budgets and requirements including our large selection of winter tyres and budget new tyres.

Its a legal requirement to have enough tread on your tyres, so its not only for safety but a legal must. Also, well maintained tyres can help reduce CO2 emissions and save you money on fuel. Whether its an un-repairable tyre or a new set, you can count on us to give the best advice going, not only on specific brands but across the board. We stock all tyres, from specialist large size, low profile tyres to standard sizes. We are always on hand to give new tyre advice to anyone.

Which New Tyres Should I Choose?

When it comes to needing new tyres for your vehicle there are a number of things to take into consideration. It's important to make sure that the new tyres you choose for your car are suitable for your vehicle, car makers go through lengthy processes to ensure the vehicle they originally fit on your vehicle can withstand the pressure and maintain stability when there in use. As a tyre specialist, we can help you choose the best new tyres for your vehicle. At Vantage Tyres we only use branded tyres that we know and trust, to ensure our customers are supplied with the best new tyres in Newcastle Under Lyme.  We never use cheap tyres, things that are cheap are usually to good to be true. What we supply is quality tyres at highly competitive prices.

Tyre Repairs, Puncture Repair and Balancing

Here at Vantage we know any puncture can be a pain especially if you have had to et out and put your spare on. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that but we can ease the weight on your pocket for any puncture repair or tyre repair as our puncture repair and tyre repair service is second to none across the Newcastle Under Lyme area. You will be glad to hear we can complete most tyre repairs, puncture repair and tyre balancing whilst you wait before we put it back on your car and your ready to go. If for any reason we cant repair your tyre we can advise on the next step of new tyres so don't be afraid to give us a call.

Our services also cover the Hanley area.


What causes tyre damage?

There are many things which cause tyre damage, but the main issue is improper inflation problems, so it’s always important to check your tyre pressure on a tyre pressure gauge.

How do I find out my tyre pressure?

It’s important to set the tyre pressure to your car manufacturer's pressure specification, it can usually be found around the foot well or on the side of your tyre, but depends on the car brand. To make sure you get the best result run the pressure until you reach the tyre’s maximum. However, should you have any questions, a tyre specialist like Vantage Tyres are able to help.

How often should I rotate my tyres?

Recommendations usually state to rotate your tyres every oil change or every 6000 miles. Not doing this can cause premature tyre wear and damage.

How will I know if my tyres need changing?

Should your tyres need changing, you should notice a deterioration in the performance, this will usually show the handle or grip not holding as well on the roads in poor weather conditions. Or you may feel that it takes longer to stop when you brake. There’s a variety of things that point to tyre wear, including emergency braking, misalignment, under inflation or over inflation.

What’s the difference between summer and winter tyres?

When it comes to summer and winter tyres, the tread compound and pattern are different, winter tyres are specially developed to improve the driving performance in conditions below 7 degrees. Winter tyres are effective when driving in the snow, on wet or icy surfaces due to their superior grip.