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Car Servicing and MOT in Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Here at Vantage Tyres, we have been dealing in Vehicle Repairs and Car Repairs of all makes and models in Newcastle Under Lyme since 1966. It was a given that whilst repairing cars, we would also give any make and model a complete car service or vehicle service when required. Our car service and MOT centre in Newcastle Under Lyme is fully equipped to give your car the complete comprehensive service you would expect from one of the longest standing vehicle service centres in Newcastle Under Lyme.

Our car service and vehicle services range from minimal intermittent services through to major services for all makes and models. Our prices as a general rule of thumb are at least 25% cheaper than main dealer dependent upon the make, model and service level required. We are proud to go the extra mile on all of our car services and offer our customers varied levels of service to suit your budget and requirement. Every make and model has a specified requirement from a service as a minimum however our packages are designed to give your car the complete overhaul and check up during the service should you want it.

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MOT Test Centre in Newcastle under Lyme

Vantage Tyres is not just a car service centre and tyre repair and replacement centre based in Newcastle Under Lyme as we are also fully MOT certified for all Class 4 MOT’s. Should you car be due it’s annual MOT, bring it down to our garage here on the outskirts of Newcastle Under Lyme and have it put through the passes of our MOT team. Should it for any reason fail, we can guarantee you the very best car repair prices in Newcastle Under Lyme with a heavily discounted re-test fee.


MOT Services

  • If your bringing your Car to us without any current Tax or MOT this is fine, however please ensure that we have a copy of your registration number upon booking. This way should you be stopped by the police we can prove you are on route to have your MOT taken care of.
  • You are fully entitled to have your car tested up to one full month prior to the expiry of your current MOT. This way should you fail you have plenty of time to have repairs completed. Should you pass the vehicle MOT first time in this period the days will be added to your current MOT so you will not loose out on time giving you in theory 13 months until the next expiry.
  • If the Car you are having tested is three years old, and this is the first test, bring the V5 document with you!


Car Service and MOT

Here at Vantage Tyres in Newcastle Under Lyme, we look for the best way to help our customers when it comes to car servicing and MOT; we've decided to offer a combined saving package. Should you look to have your MOT completed at the same time as your annual car service in Newcastle Under Lyme, we will discount your final bill for combining these services together. Remember: we are here to help and have been for over 45 years. Should you want to find out more about us or take a look at our other vehicle services, feel free to get in touch with our team today.



Why does my car need an MOT Test?

When vehicles in the UK are over 3 years old, they must have a car MOT check by law. It's a legal requirement as it guarantees that your car is roadworthy as well as safe and also that the emission levels of your car are of the right standard, these areas are all requirements from the Government. MOTs can be booked in up to 31 days before the due date.

What do MOTs involve?

Our MOT car checks involve vehicle identification numbers, registration plates, lights, steering and suspension, systems, emissions, bodywork, doors, mirrors, brakes, wipes and washer bottle, windscreen, seat belt, seats, horn, fuel wheels and tyres. These areas are all part of certified DVSA (formerly DVLA) MOT checks.

How long will my MOT take?

MOTs last from 45 to 60 minutes, however, should your car need any repairs in result of the test, it will take longer due to fixing any issues and ensuring you receive your MOT pass certificate.

What happens if my car fails its MOT?

Our team are able to fix most of the repairs which may show on your MOT, we’ll undergo any necessary work at our garage and will try to keep the process quick and efficient. Should the repair take longer, you can leave your car on our premises and we will contact you when it’s ready. After the MOT test, should you require any work we will contact you with the work and an estimate of the cost.

Are there any implications to failing an MOT?

If you fail your vehicle MOT check it means that your car has not met the correct standards and requires a repair, you won’t receive a pass certificate until it is fixed. Should your vehicle not meet the necessary MOT standards then you’ll be unable to renew your road tax.

How much does a car MOT cost?

MOT costs vary depending on the vehicle you have, most MOT prices are based on the official DVSA (DVLA) charges, but they’ll also be determined by the MOT test centre you use. At Vantage Tyres we strive to provide the best value for money service and our customers are often surprised by our competitive and cheap MOTs.