MOT Tests Hanley

Professional MOT Tests in Hanley

Here at Vantage Tyres we have been offering MOT tests to customers throughout the Hanley area for a number of years. With a team of experienced and highly trained mechanics, we’ll do our best to ensure your car passes its MOT test; should your car happen to fail at any point we’ll inform you and happily carry out the appropriate car repair to ensure your car gets through its next MOT test. With years of experience carrying out MOT tests, we have developed a well-known and highly respected reputation for the MOT testing service we provide to customers throughout the Hanley area.

What Happens During MOT Testing?

Although most of our customers understand that they need to have a MOT test carried out, most usually don’t understand what’s involved in the MOT testing. Our team at Vantage Tyres, have created an overview of what’s checked during our MOT tests. When you choose Vantage Tyres of Hanley to carry out an MOT test, we test the following:

  • Lighting and Signalling Equipment
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and Wheels
  • Seat Belts
  • Body Structure
  • Exhaust and Fuel Emissions
  • Drivers Road Views

When you undertake a test at our MOT centre in Hanley, we'll ensure a professional and high standard of testing is carried out to ensure all aspects are covered. For a thorough testing from an established MOT testing centre, be sure to book in with Vantage Tyres.

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Quality MOT Testing in Hanley

When it comes to needing MOT testing in Hanley, be sure to head to Vantage Tyres. We offer a professional and quality MOT testing service to all of our customers. When your car comes in to undergo testing as part of its MOT, we'll carry out a range of thorough checks to ensure it's safe to drive and is road legal. As experienced MOT technicians we are well versed in the checks that need to be carried out, and we pride ourselves on the thorough MOT service that we provide. We have been offering our testing service to customers throughout Hanley and the surrounding areas for a number of years, and over this time we have developed a well-know and respected reputation.

Why We Need to Have an MOT Test Carried Out

MOT tests are annual tests that need to be carried out to ensure a vehicle meets a certain safety criteria and to be sure the car is roadworthy; that’s why we offer MOT tests to customers throughout the Hanley area. It is a legal requirement to have a current MOT to drive your car on the road. If you have a new car then it won’t need an MOT test carrying out, but it’s three years old you must take your car to have an MOT test carried out. Over our years in operation we carried out a number of MOT tests on our customers’ cars, helping them to get their car through MOT testing. When it comes to needing an MOT test carried out in the Hanley area, be sure to give Vantage Tyres a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.

What Happens If My Car Fails an MOT Test?

If your car happens to fail an MOT Test at Vantage Tyres, then you’ll be issued with a VT30 certificate, that outlines why your car has failed its MOT test. If this happens then the team at Vantage Tyres can work with you to ensure the appropriate car repairs are carried out. Once the repairs have been carried out your car will undertake a partial MOT test. Once it passes this, you’ll be able to drive freely on the Hanley roads, once again.

What If My MOT Has Expired

If you’re cars MOT has expired, then it’s imperative that you book in with Vantage Tyres to carry out an MOT test as soon as possible. Without an MOT, it’s illegal to drive your car on roads in the Hanley and the UK. If you’re car MOT has expired then call Vantage Tyres to book in an MOT test and you’ll legally be allowed to drive your car to our garage.

Contact Vantage Tyres for MOT Tests in Hanley

If you’re based in the Hanley area, and are looking for an MOT testing centre, then look no further than Vantage Tyres. We have years of experience and have carried out many MOT tests over the years. For more information on to book an MOT test, be sure to get in touch with us.