About Vantage Tyres

Car Service & Repair in Newcastle Under Lyme and Stoke

Vantage Tyres was established in 1966 with a clear goal of becoming Newcastle Under Lyme and Stoke’s leading car service and repair centre. When we first opened our doors back in 1966 we made a clear promise to ourselves and our customers that this business would always remain in the hands of our family and to this day we still stand by this pledge. We began as a family business and will continue to remain a family business.


Why are we so passionate about this?

The answer is simple really we are firm believers that we make sure our customers satisfaction comes before that of a large corporations board of directors. Remaining a family run business gives us the flexibility to adapt our services as your needs change and not as the national trend changes. We are a local garage ran and staffed by people who live on your doorstep from Newcastle Under Lyme or Stoke therefore our mechanical knowledge tied with our local knowledge means we are the team for you.

We are based in Stoke-on-Trent, and have a car service and repair centre fully equipped with the very latest diagnostic equipment for all car repairs and MOT preparations. We have spent many years building our reputation on an honest approach to car service and repairs in Newcastle Under Lyme with an open pricing policy and an assurance we will only use the highest of quality of parts for your vehicle regardless of make or model. To be factually correct over 90% of the parts we use on all car service and repairs are dealer parts giving you complete peace of mind your car or vehicle will maintain it’s dealer warranty should it still be in place.

A Word From the Boss!

Once you have visited us we are confident we will see you time and time again. We like to get to know our customers on a personal level and match the service to suit. If you are in a hurry and need an MOT or Tyres quickly then drop by and we will gladly help. However if your car needs a major overhaul or you would just like some simple advice, you know where we are. Its like a big family here with your best needs at the fore-front of every job we do so give us a call today and speak to one of our highly trained mechanics or technicians about your car service or car repair today.